jueves, 5 de abril de 2007


Today, PUMA AG has approximately 3,200 employees and distributes its products in more than 80 countries. For the fiscal year 2003, the company had a revenue of €1.274 billion.

Puma were the commercial sponsors for the 2002 anime series, Hungry Heart: Wild Striker, with the jerseys and clothing sporting the Puma brand.

Puma is the main producer of enthusiast driving shoes and race suits. They are the prime producer in both Formula One and NASCAR. They had successfully won the rights of sponsoring the 2006 FIFA World Cup champions, the Italian national football team, with them making and sponsoring the clothing worn by the team. Their partnership with Ferrari and BMW to make Puma-Ferrari and Puma-BMW shoes has also contributed to this effect. On March 15, 2007 PUMA launched its first new 2007/2008 line of uniforms for a club, and Cruzeiro E.C. will be the first to use the laser sewn technology;similar to the one worn by Italy at the World Cup in 2006. Cruzeiro and other Brazilian clubs will be the first to use the technology because their season starts half a dozen months earlier than European clubs. At the moment Puma is one of the most expensive sports companies


Adidas AG (ISIN: DE0005003404) is a German sports apparel manufacturer, part of the Adidas Group, which is the second largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. The company was named after its founder, Adolf (Adi) Dassler, who started producing shoes in the 1920s in Herzogenaurach near Nuremberg with the help of his brother Rudolf Dassler who later formed rival shoe company PUMA AG. It registered as adidas AG on 18 August 1949 (with lower-case lettering). The company's clothing and shoe designs typically feature three parallel stripes, and this same motif is incorporated into Adidas's current official logo. The company revenue for 2005 was listed at 6.6 billion euro, or about 8.4 billion U.S. dollars.

Adidas perfumery and personal care products are manufactured by Coty, Inc. under license worldwide.